Cable Network Specialists employs only the best network infrastructure architects and installation technicians. A formula that guarantees we get it right the first time!

IP Networking

Already acknowledged as a key part of any companies IT infrastructure, the advent of IP enabled building management systems, CCTV and access systems is placing greater emphasis on the planning and design of a common network infrastructure for buildings. By considering the total IP networking requirement at the outset of a project there are savings to be made in both the capital (up-front) costs of the infrastructure and the operating costs.

CNS provide a full design, installation and support service aimed at ensuring your IP networking implementation performs as you expect it to. There are many companies who can supply network switches to provide the number of ports needed for connectivity of devices but if you need to plan a multi-services network then contact CNS to ensure you get a system which will services your needs today and simplify the planning and execution of your future needs.

Network Infrastructure Reticulation

Maintaining control of the cabling system, managing the IT assets, planning for growth and managing moves adds and changes (MACs) can be time consuming in a large network. An Intelligent Infrastructure Management System can make these processes more efficient. Are you unsure what fibre to use or how much to install for the future? Consider a blown fibre system allowing you to install the infrastructure now and blow in the fibres later.

CNS have been installing IT infrastructures for a number of  years and will be happy to assist in defining your requirements or work to an existing specification. We have the capacity and resources to carry out major projects as well as the focus and individuality to offer a dedicated service for smaller works.


CCTV and Security

Whether you’re looking for a traditional CCTV system or hoping to benefit from IP technology allowing you to view the security of your premises over the Internet CNS can provide what you need. If you have traditional analogue technology but need to install a new infrastructure and don’t want to move to IP yet we can install an IP ready cable infrastructure so you can move to IP by just changing out the equipment.

Specialized fiber optic perimeter monitoring scalable to any size property.

Specialized fiber optic perimeter monitoring scalable to any size property.

Our Products

Molex Premise Networks delivers IT infrastructure solutions which maximize performance, increase efficiency and strengthen IT security.

Mobotix Cameras

APC / MGE UPS Systems

CNS Energy

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